I had some of the most special moments of my life on this trip. The people are incredible. You are among the top people in the world (very very gifted!) for picking people and combining them in the right mix.
— P.G., Brazil
What an amazing, humbling, immersive experience...The density of lost-in-the-moment grins this trip was off the charts.
— A.R., United States
I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to join the Flow Journey - it absolutely delivered on the anticipation. Fantastic design and execution, especially for the first one. I was meeting the vast majority of the participants for the first time and I cannot quite believe the depth of friendships that were formed in such a short space of time.
— S.M., United States
This weekend gave us a priceless gift that we will cherish for years to come. This feeling of closeness as if we’ve all been to a month-long summer camp is clearly a net result from the state of flow you guys put us under. You make magic and double rainbows happen.
— R.O., Israel
It was an extraordinary experience...I’m convinced I’ll be launching projects with the amazing people you brought together.
— S.Q., Austria
What an amazing time. I felt such connectedness in the air by the time we left. Thank you for bringing us all together... I had a few deep and very real conversations that are still on my mind and in my heart.
— W.L., United States
Thank you for having invited me to this amazing journey. It was not only great in terms of adventure and discovering islands; each conversation was interesting and touching, the community of great, humble and truly inspiring minds. I feel blessed and intellectually energised! I am still there with my mind and would have liked to go on and on. You’ve set the bar very high for the future events. I truly hope we remain in contact as I made lovely new friends, business partners, mentors and challengers!
— N.S., Switzerland
Thanks for an amazing experience, way beyond expectations (and I tend to have pretty high expectations). The Iceland you have shown us was surprising, exciting, energising, thoughtful and fun! You did an incredible job at injecting magic in every single detail and at every single step. When the same trip can make you laugh and cry, exercise and reflect, connect and meditate, feel that you’re a very small piece in a vast world and a driver of change - you know that you have experienced something very special…
— M.G., Netherlands
Buzzing from all the shared beauty, laughter, craziness, learnings and inspirational flow of this trip to magic land. Thank you for curating and creating such an amazing family.
— N.G., United Kingdom
Absolutely EPIC trip, and INCREDIBLE people, new friendships and adventures. Bravo - you’ve mastered the art form. Cannot wait to see what the future holds for Flow and our Flow founding family
— N.F., United Kingdom
 Flow Journeys community meets the President of Iceland at his residence - Sep. 2016

Flow Journeys community meets the President of Iceland at his residence - Sep. 2016