As a participant on Flow Journeys’ Japan adventure on July 6-9 2017, your membership pass will cover all of the following:

— Four days' activities and three nights’ accommodation in pre-screened quality hotels;

— All meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner;

— All drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, during meals and scheduled activities;

— Your welcome gift pack (save some luggage space to take it home);

— All talks, performances, networking sessions and late-night events included in the programme;

— All travel, expeditions and crazy projects within Japan, including airport transfers. Please note that we take care of you from the moment you land in Tokyo until the moment you begin your journey home between July 6 and July 9, 2017; participants arrange their own flights to and from Tokyo. 

— Membership of the Flow Journeys community, to include invitations to follow-up social gatherings and priority access to future adventures.

— Your fee includes a contribution to support a small number of places for amazing people with limited income, such as human-rights activists and artists, who would otherwise be unable to join our community. 


Cancellation requests must be sent by email to reservations@flowjourneys.com or emailed to one if its co-founders, David or Liz, at david@flowjourneys.com or liz@flowjourneys.com. Refunds will be made within 14 days of receipt of your written cancellation notice, subject to the following terms: 

UNTIL APRIL 1, 2017 (Midnight ET): Your deposit is refundable in full, NO questions asked.

APRIL 2 UNTIL MAY 15, 2017 (Midnight ET): You will receive a refund of all fees paid, minus a $895 per person cancellation fee.

AFTER MAY 15, 2017 (Midnight ET): No refund will be payable to you. You will however be given a $895 non-transferable and personal credit towards a future Flow Journeys event or adventure valid for 12 months from the date of cancellation.



We are delighted to have you as a participant in a Flow Journeys adventure. Please read the below as a condition of your participation.

1- Flow Journeys aims to build a community of likeminded participants who share common values and an open approach to building friendships. I will participate in this event in a spirit of engagement, open-mindedness and friendship towards the rest of the group. I will not be the cause of any behaviour likely to be reasonably considered antisocial by other participants. I will respect other participants’ privacy and will keep all information shared in confidence, unless expressly told that this information can be shared outside the group. I will not make any approaches, sexual or otherwise, to any person in the group which that person considers unwelcome. 

2- By participating in any event related to Flow Journeys, I represent that I have the requisite skill, health and experience to participate in any such event. I acknowledge that participating in any event related to Flow Journeys may involve risks, and I will refrain from participating in any such event for which I do not have such requisite skill, health and experience, or for which I do not take full responsibility for my participation. With respect to any activity organised by or for Flow Journeys, Inc, I represent and undertake that I shall carry out any such activity in a careful manner and in accordance with applicable law (including without limitation all safety laws and regulations). I undertake to perform any Flow Journeys activities in a way that will not cause any personal injury and/or damage and/or loss to me and/or to anyone else.

3- I will be solely responsible for guarding all property that I bring to this Flow Journeys event from being stolen, damaged, broken, misused. I will not hold Flow Journeys, Inc, liable for any loss or damage to my property.

4- In connection with my participation in this Flow Journeys event, and/or in any event included therein and/or related thereto, and the use, by myself and/or by others, of any equipment, merchandise or other resources, I hereby exempt and release the persons who may be deemed organisers or managers of this Flow Journeys event, and Flow Journeys, Inc, its operators, its participants, advisors, managers, financers, sponsors, hosts and/or suppliers, and any of their employees or contractors, and/or any other person involved in any capacity therein, from any and all liability and/or responsibility for any personal injury and/or damage and/or loss incurred by me and/or by anyone on my behalf or anyone related to me, and I hereby waive any claim in such respect, including without limitation damages to my personal property.

5- I hereby confirm my free and willing consent to completely release and exempt, without limitation, any person who may be deemed to be liable and/or responsible toward me and/or to anyone on my behalf, for any reason whatsoever, with regard to my participation in this Flow Journeys event or to my personal property. Furthermore, I do not and shall not have any claim or demand of any nature or cause against any of the organisers.

6-  I acknowledge that this Flow Journeys event will take place in various locations in Japan, and I recognise that I hereby agree to take all measures not to damage any of the properties being used by Flow Journeys for  accommodation, entertainment, dining, activities or any other purpose, and to treat them with great care and consideration. I engage my responsibility in case of deterioration of which I shall be originally cause and make a commitment to assure the completeness of the reimbursement of expenses caused by any repair.

7- I will abide by all national and local laws when in Japan for this Flow Journeys event. I will not import into Japan nor consume nor distribute any substances deemed illegal under Japanese law.

8- I understand and accept that various factors beyond the organisers’ control - including but not limited to weather; limitations on transportation; availability of third-party partners - may cause the event agenda and the activity schedule to vary from those announced. For their part, the organisers will endeavour to ensure that alternative activities are available should planned activities not be possible to deliver.

9- I agree not to undertake any legal or civil action against any other participant, organiser, volunteer, activity partner or other third party involved in this Flow Journeys event in relation to this event.

10- It was made clear to me that my participation in this Flow Journeys event is conditional upon my agreement to all of the terms of this Release & Waiver Letter, and the consent of the organisers to allow my participation is and always has been subject to the full and complete exemption and release as set forth above. Therefore, by my execution of these terms, I confirm and agree to the release, exemption and waiver detailed above, and undertake not to act in contradiction to  these terms, and to fully indemnify any person that shall suffer any damages as a result of any action on my behalf in contradiction to these terms.